Our Community Fighting Prostate Cancer, Together.

Prostate Cancer Kills Black Men at more than twice the rate as white men. This Disparity is Unacceptable.

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A program of the national prostate cancer non-profit organization, Malecare, dedicated to supporting individuals from underserved communities so they can live longer and happier lives.

How we help

We are a coalition of black professionals from various realms, such as health care, legal, entertainment, journalism, technology, business, and academia. The Black Prostate Cancer Alliance offers free membership to individuals and all appropriate organizations.  All of our services are free to our membership and to our community.

Health Literacy

We produce and distribute educational and awareness materials that address the specific needs and concerns of Black men, their friends, family and caregivers.

Community Outreach

We build social and media activation to break the social determinants of health that are toxic to our community. Our professional organization leaders self-determine the content of their advocacy.

Peer Support

We faciliate one of the world's largest prostate cancer support networks. We welcome all members of our professional organization partners.

“ As long as I can think and speak, I won't let my Daddy die."

Get Involved

There are many ways to help our community fight prostate cancer.

Build Health Literacy

Repost content in your newsletters and emails. Our "Content for You" grows every week. It's written and unbranded for you to share.

Present a speech or webinar

The Black Prostate Cancer Alliance will help you find speakers about prostate cancer in our community for your conferences and events.

Latest articles and videos

The Black Prostate Cancer Alliance and Malecare produces groundbreaking content from the worlds leading doctors and patient advocates. Feel encouraged to share with your membership.

Gratitude to those who support our work.